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Why is Novel Drug Delivery Method Crucial For Herbal Medicines?

Novel drug delivery method is really a novel approach to drug delivery system that addresses the limitations in the classic drug delivery systems. Just before we learn about Novel Drug Delivery Method, let us first get a clear notion of a drug delivery technique.

What is Drug Delivery Program?

Modern day medicine cures a certain illness by targeting precisely the affected zone inside a patient's physique and transporting the drug to that region. Drug delivery technique is definitely the approach by which that is made achievable. An optimum amount of your concerned drug is administered for the patient in such a way that it reaches precisely the 'site of action' and begins operating then and there.

What happens towards the drug immediately after becoming consumed?

Just after swallowing a tablet, it reaches the stomach and breaks down for the components in the drug. The drug dissolves in the fluid of stomach and intestine. Then it crosses the gastro intestinal barrier and reaches the blood. Ultimately, it goes to the target location.

Its disadvantages, if any

You will discover very a number of disadvantages, specially if the patient in query is definitely an infant or an aged person. It becomes hard to feed the medicine orally. Even though the drug is in liquid type, taste becomes the hindrance in creating it agreeable. If it can be mixed with food, there remains the question of how the medicine will react with the food constituents.

How to overcome it

The design and style of such a drug delivery method overriding these difficulties isn't that quick. Novel drug delivery method attempts to eliminate all the disadvantages connected with standard drug delivery systems. It can be achieved by creating a special coating of your tablet that dissolves using the saliva after putting inside the oral cavity.

The mouth dissolving issue with the drug increases its bioavailability

Bioavailability of a drug is the percentage or fraction of your administered drug that reaches the internet site of action just after going via each of the metabolic functions and mixing using the digestive juices. The larger the bioavailability, the higher could be the efficacy of the drug. The bioavailability is 100% when a medicine is administered via intravenous injections. The lowest bioavailability is when a drug is administered orally. Most of the time it's not absorbed entirely and its absorption in to the digestive method lower the drug concentration significantly just before it starts functioning on the disease. A mouth dissolving tablet gets no time to mix using the digestive juices and consequently provides a large amount of bioavailability.

Why is Novel Drug Delivery crucial for herbal medicines?

In case of herbal extracts, there is a fantastic possibility that numerous compounds is going to be destroyed within the very acidic pH from the stomach. Other components may well be metabolized by the liver just before reaching the blood. As a result, the actual quantity of your drug may possibly not attain the blood. If the drug doesn't reach the blood at a minimum level which can be recognized as 'minimum helpful level' then there is going to be no therapeutic effect.

In the event the novel drug delivery technology is present within a herbal medicine, it helps in dissolving rapidly together with the saliva immediately after it's placed within the oral cavity. As a result it bypasses the acidic pH from the stomach, and leaves no area for the interference of metabolic processes. That is the fundamental concept behind incorporating novel process of drug delivery in herbal medicines.

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