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Why do primary coils differ in shape and location Isabel Marant Sneakers On Sale between different Tesla Coils

Why do primary coils differ in shape and location between different Tesla Coils?I've been researching Tesla Coils, and one thing in particular strikes me, no one seems to agree on a shape and placement for the primary coil.

I've seen reverse cone, cylinder, perpendicular spiral, and just wrapped haphazard. You can see which coil is primary in the following images, as well as examples of different styles of wrapping for the coils. I've also seen the primary coil placed at the base of the secondary, as well as in the center of the secondary.

For maximum induction, you want the same amount of surface area for primary and secondary coils (I've seen this written in different ways at different places). (You don't not want Maximum Induction see: steveastrouk's comment below) Isabel Marant Sale

Primary coils are placed in a way to allow for. (this is where things start to fall off and the reason for my question).

So, if your goal is to have the most charge transfered from one coil to another, why Isabel Marant Sneakers Sale are there so many different styles? Does one style benefit over another? Is there a logical reason one would opt for one one style rather then another?Image 1: parts information

Flat spiral coils are best for high power coils (not sure why), cone primaries are best for low to moderate power coils and are apparently easier to Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers tune, cylindrical primaries are usually lazy or used in solid state, bipolar or vacuum tube coils and wrapped hazardously is just lazy.

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