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Furniture design is the core competitiveness of enterprises

Recently, the industry has a voice: furniture design is the core competitiveness of enterprises. I do not know when, this concept seems to have been a lot of people agree,lounge chairs uppliers seems to have become a fashionable and mainstream concept. And those who still do not agree with this concept or temporarily put the theory into action "minority" seems to keep up with the times suspected, so most of the smile or silence cover their own "backward."

Indeed, the design is a kind of productivity, especially in the design of the overall level is not high, the basic still in the "primary stage" of the Chinese furniture market, a set of excellent design program outbreak of the huge market power is indeed immeasurable. I believe that, whether it is the industry's designers are also operators,modern chaise lounge stockists can be like a few words like a string of strings to the list of things or data, so that other alternative talk talk about Zhuozhuo.

For enterprises, from a simple concept of production to design concept is indeed a major business philosophy of progress. Furniture design diversification and personalization, a direct result of the consumer groups in the purchase of furniture on the demand differentiation, so as to make the whole industry for the strong play a very positive role in promoting. However, the core competitiveness of enterprises should be rooted within the enterprise,comfortable folding chair buy with sustainable energy efficiency, others are difficult to imitate a competitive advantage. This is the enterprise to survive and continue to develop the most basic, but also the most critical driving force.

Haier with its value after-sales service from the appliance army stand out; Galanz with its incredible cost advantage swept the market pack; Vantage with its thousands of dealers across the country's strategic partnership,beach chair shade attachment to resist the home appliance predators are menacing turns Attack and sit tight in the industry's top spot; a shouting "customer is always right" of the village owner to chain business model to his supermarket opened to every corner of the world ... ... all this is their core competitiveness of their own The direct result of the market.

So, what is the core competitiveness in the end it? The academic community has long been conclusive: the so-called core competitiveness is implied in the essence of the enterprise, supporting the past, present and future competitive advantage of the enterprise,high top bar table set cost and is a long time in the competitive environment can take the initiative core ability. This explanation is incisive, but still slightly esoteric. Some people use five "no" to sum up the characteristics of the core competitiveness of enterprises, the specific performance of the competitive resources you have to steal, can not buy, not open, do not go, slip away, this ability Become your core competitiveness.

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