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One of Spain’s most ferocious fighters is once again returning to a new Street Fighter title. Vega is once again putting looks ahead of all else, and in his story opening video FIFA Coins  he’s fighting Cammy while also complimenting her on her beautiful eyes.Classic Vega. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation

 Capcom revealed a new Middle-Eastern fighter named Rashid back in September 2015. He appears to have a variety of wind and tornado-related moves and has some Cheap FIFA Coins  impressive dodging mechanics. In Street Fighter 5, he's searching for a friend, and he'll fight anybody to get the information he needs. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation

  Necalli has always been a bit of a wild card since he was revealed in July 2015. He has a mysterious background and fights in a wild and animalustic manner, which makes him quite an opponent. Here's Necalli's story opening in Street Fighter V. WELCOMETO

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