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Tips by HG Nadel for Making Novel Writing Easy

Novel writing is easy if you follow these few simple tips. Often we hear writers groan all the time about how difficult writing a novel is. HG Nadel admits to being one of them until she figured out a couple of secrets. Just by changing a few of your writing habits, novel writing can change from difficult to easy.


1. Planning makes novel writing easy. The number one thing that you can do to make novel writing easy is to plan your novel before you start to write.…


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Let Self-Publishing Work for You

With the growing discomfort among traditional publishers with new and amateur writers, self-publishing is becoming a preferred alternative for the upcoming writers. Traditional publishers are not ready to take risks with the novice writers and are looking for assured returns when they publish a book, so they hinge on to the established mainstream authors rather than the newbies in the industry.…


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Hip Hop Dance Music - How it Moved from the Streets to the Mainstream

Hip hop dance music is already thirty years old. That may sound hard to believe, but it's true. The first really big hip hop song, at least according to most music writers, was "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang. When that song debuted in September of 1979, it rapidly rose to the top of the charts, and a large part of why it did so was because it sounded like nothing else on the radio. Back then, America was still caught up in the throes of disco, which wouldn't start disappearing off…


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HG Nadel’s Institute of Acting

HG Nadel, has been in the film and television acting business for many years. She started as a child, when HG Nadel was a singer signed by EMI France. HG Nadel

Feels that acting on a movie or on TV, is different than acting on commercials and theater work, as per stage work is still another beast, says HG Nadel.



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Be A Voice Actor And A Musician

The voice-over industry is appealing to people from all backgrounds that are looking for a way to make money, work independent of a big corporation, and use their creativity skills. There are those who would like to be actors, others just have unique voices, and there are more people who have ordinary voices who are drawn to the industry so that they can work from home.…


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Perfect Model Portfolio Preparing

A professionalized portfolio is a group of professional images of a model in a various styles, look, make up, expressions and outfit. In a modelling career it serves as your resume and exposes your talent and capabilities to any agency so putting together your portfolio will be the significant aspects of your career. By seeing a portfolio any modelling client or agency will be given a chance to visualize the model whether they suit for their upcoming project. Moreover for glamour modelling…


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Mind Blowing Reasons to Write a Book

Do you feel like a stick in the mud when it comes to writing your book? You've come to a stand still, a road block where you can go no further. No worries; you may just need to open your mind a little; change your thinking. Look for a paradigm shift or a fresh perspective. Before you know it you will be sailing past that impasse blocking your way a few moments ago. At least that's what happened for the author.


Here are 7 mind blowing reasons discussed by Nadel Paris (a…


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Rockstar Voice - Improve Your Vocals with Fast Singing Tips

As a singer you have a great talent for expressing powerful emotions through the art of music. But, there might be a time when it feels like your singing abilities aren't progressing as quickly as you would like anymore.


Getting discovered as a singer is hard if you don't progress past the competition and create a powerful reputation as a vocalist. Try these fast singing tips by Nadel Paris (a musician) to push your…


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All Great Dancers Have One Thing in Common

Becoming a great dancer takes a huge amount of work, discipline, dedication and sacrifice. However, there is one important factor that separates the really good dancers from the truly great dancers: passion. To be passionate about something means to love that thing with endless enthusiasm, and every drop of juice in your heart. While it isn't something anyone can touch, it is something they can feel. When passion enters a room, it's contagious... and palpable. It's the thing that makes…


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Train Your Voice by Learning How to Breathe Properly

Some people are naturally better singers than others - they are born with natural talent. Even if you are not one of the lucky ones (and even they need to do voice training exercises) there are a few tips on how to train your voice to improve your singing voice. Many people love to sing and it's even more enjoyable if you know that your singing voice is in tune and that people are really enjoying listening to you sing.


You will need to learn some basic singing exercises to…


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When Music is the Fodder for the Soul

The love for music is always eternal. It allows you to express yourself, your feelings and emotions, without having to do, much of talking. Some are born with the talent of producing exceptional music, while some need to polish the art, within them. Thus, it is for this purpose, that training schools, across the globe, are providing millions, an opportunity to lessons on several musical instruments. If you have been in love with the musical instrument, all your life, you would certainly want…


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Things You Should Never Do As a Music Artist

There are a few things you should know as a new music artist that you should NOT do if you want to make it to the top. Here are some tips by Nadel Paris so that you won't fall into this cycle. There's many ways to promote you as an artist today on the internet, that it’s crazy! Many of the successful music artists you see on T.V. started out on…


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How Can A Female Vocalist Take Care Of Her Voice? Nadel Paris

Are you a female vocalist? Then most definitely you would want to take good care of your instrument - your voice. You must always keep in mind that to take care of your voice, you must first know how to take care of your body. It is important to avoid any situation or activities that will expose your body to any stress, fatigue or injury. You must also know what foods are good for you and which ones you must avoid. For you to be able to perform in your optimum level, always remember to eat…


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What Makes A Female Vocalist Very Alluring To The Public?

There is always a female vocalist who has a huge and cult-like following. She is somebody that is very powerful, a lot more influential when compared to people in politics as well as many other high-ranking officials. She demands the love of numerous individuals. Her influence reaches tens of millions globally. Vocalists as well as many other celebrities are incredibly influential in that way. Simply because of the popularity of social networking nowadays, the effectiveness of renowned…


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The Hip Hop Culture Identity

Hip-hop isn't just about music. Hip-hop is about dance, art, expression, pain, love, racism, sexism, broken families, hard times, overcoming adversity and the search for God. It's a culture, a way of life, a language, a fashion, a set of values, and a unique perspective. Hip-hop is about trying to live out the American dream from the bottom up.


Hip-Hop culture is a unique phenomenon because it does incorporate and affect so many different cultures, ages and classes. In the…


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Learning Music Production: Nadel Paris

Learning music production is not easy to master, for it can take an enormous amount of time on your parts to even learn how to understand producing music just right. However, with the right learning method, you should well be on the way to jamming to some of the top charts in no time at all. Nevertheless, what learning production system would be the right course to realize your dream?


The answer would naturally be a complete music production course. You can find a lot of…


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When It Comes To Music, You Never Know What's Going To Be Popular

What do the majority of music aficionados search out when it comes to musical genres? What CDs achieve the highest sales results? What is the dominant style of music heard on the airwaves and on the dance floors around the world today? The answer is popular, or pop, music. While jazz, classical, polka, reggae and the like have their loyal followers, no group commands the audience that popular music does.


In general, popular music is any music that's accessible to the public…


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Don't Make These Common Mistakes while Screenwriting

Screenwriting is wildly different from writing a novel or true-story book. It is a different medium and needs to be treated as such. It is a very difficult form that few authors are able to master. 

With this in mind, here are a few of common mistakes stated by…


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Art Classes Benefits that Last a Lifetime for Kids

Children can develop a deep curiosity about art when provided with the opportunity at a young age. Art classes for kids that focus on painting, sculpting, drawing, and other forms of expressing artistic creativity increase a child's curiosity. Children develop certain advantages through a kids art lesson that can last a lifetime. Recent studies have found that when provided exposure to forms of artistic expression, children show improvement in concentration and coordination. Here we will…


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Why You Need Representation for Screenwriting?

If you're a new screenwriter, you may have learned the hard way that you must have representation, from either a manager or an agent. Most production companies and studios will not read your screenplay if you don't have someone representing you. So how do you go about getting a rep? Here are a few pointers:


You should have a least one great polished script, preferably several of them to showcase your talent. Most agents and managers prefer to work with someone who has the…


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